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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

We`re all in this together

Nope. Nothing to do with D.Cameron or E. Miliband and which of the two leaders claimed the slogan first. (We`re clearly not, anyway, try another line.)

No..It`s a song...quite a cheesy one...but one that I still love...and am now counting the hours to hear.It`s part of a show tonight at Theatre Severn, put on by an incredibly talented young director called Ross Wigley.He can sing, dance, choreograph, lead a team, motivate them...and he`s still just 21.

His company`s putting on High School Glee`sical this week--promising to be a lively combo of some of the top tunes from both those productions, and a few Disney gems in between. And I guess when we hear the `Together`song, it`ll underline how hard the entire company`s worked on this. They range in age from 15 to late 20s. Some, like our 15 year old daughter,are studying (occasionally)for their GCSEs--in between rehearsals.Others are applying to university, or already holding down jobs--a couple of teachers and estate agents among them.

But between them they`ve worked so hard--some even bashing out set construction and costumes. And they can sing--really well.

I`ve often tweeted from the cold, dark carpark outside their rehearsal venue, late on Tuesday nights....longing for a hot coffee and a warm fire. But tonight we see the results of all that hard work inside, and I know it`s going to be fabulous (another musical clue there...).

It`s also a bit closer than the production that dancing daughter no.1 directed, sang and danced in a couple of Saturday nights ago, at the Tramshed in Woolwich.(By her Uni`s Glee Society. God I`m glad they love musical theatre and not Shakespeare....).

For various reasons, that meant an afternoon hammer down the M1 and a drive back to Shropshire the same night, in the wee small hours.Knackering? Certainly. Amazing? Definitely. Proud to be their mum? What do you think.....?

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