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Saturday 28 April 2012

It`s Saturday: Get Passionate.

Know how many times I`ve been to the Greenhous Meadow in Shrewsbury--home of Shrewsbury Town Football Club?


Once for the fantastic Midnight Walk in aid of the Severn Hospice a couple of years ago. We warmed up there before the event; and hugged each other in the dead of night a couple of hours later after a brilliant fundraiser.

Oh..and the Elton John concert last year.Shouted and sang ourselves hoarse from the terraces.

Today`s decibel levels are likely to be louder still, as the Shrews try and clinch automatic promotion. Just because I don`t `follow` football,the Shrews are `my` local side.I watch their progress, listen to the match commentary on BBC Shropshire, and get a taste of the passion that true Shrews fans feel, week in, week out, for their team.

I did some shopping the other week at the retail park near the ground. I was heading back to the car, but was stopped in my tracks by the rising roar of Shrews fans from the Meadow. It was brilliant to hear the swell of passion for their side.I stopped and smiled, and back in the car, was gripped by Stuart Dunn`s explosive, compulsive commentary all the way home. Have you heard him..or the equally fab Nick Southall covering the Telford games? Whether you love football or don`t; they`re painting the picture for you; capturing the atmosphere. They have an incredible skill.

Listening to the build up to today`s crucial game made me think of other, fabulous sporting moments that have had me shouting at the radio or the television. `That` Wilkinson kick in the Rugby World Cup. Redgrave`s fifth Olympic rowing gold. Shropshire`s Sandy Lyle winning the British Open in `85 and the Masters three years later. Gripping stuff, all of it.

With passion,comes pride--and you share that pride if it`s `your` team raising the cup,clinching promotion or winning gold for your country. Roll on London 2012--I`m going to be screaming at the screen when the athletics start.Just don`t touch the remote.

Today though, it`s local, and it matters. So don`t knock me because I haven`t watched the Shrews in action.I`ll be there in spirit, listening to Stuart and his sidekick Steve Cross, reading tweets from the Shropshire Star`s Dave Burrows, and willing them on.

PS (hours later....they did it! Well done #Salop...and well done, well done Dave Burrows from the Shropshire Star--top Shrews fan  !)

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