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I'm Jane McIntyre, a voiceover and writer, formerly an award-winning BBC radio newsreader and producer. My blog covers life, love and loss; travel, coffee and chocolate; with some heartfelt pieces in the mix about my late dad, who had dementia. Just a click away, I'm half of the team behind - two empty nesters who whizzed round the world in 57 days.

Sunday 29 April 2012

Ten good reasons to love the rain...with MUSIC!

1) If you go running; you have an excuse not to: the puddles and stuff.
2) It`s so cold, you need cake.
3) You can put the heating back on *even though it`s April*. (Just)
4) You can feel all smug and cosy when it`s hammering down on your roof.
5) You don`t have to wash the car. Pointless at all times, especially now.
6) It waters the garden and the farmers` crops (yeh ok, enough already)
7) You don`t have to ponce around in skinny summer vests just yet.
8) You don`t have to cut the grass.
9) Your kids` footie matches all get cancelled so you don`t get soaked on the sidelines.
10) You can snigger at the `Holidays at home are GREAT` ad campaign on telly.

Now shut up moaning about the weather and have these as a little musical hot water bottle from me to you.... just CLICK and singalong :)

The Lovin' Spoonful 

The First Class - Beach Baby


Beach Boys - Do It Again

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