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Monday 18 February 2013

Wanna talk dirty.....?

...really dirty?

....wanna hear a little shiver...? Some deep breathing....a little panting....feel a body glowing warmer.... touch those little glistening droplets of sweat the body pushes harder......?

Yeah well you`re not going to get it. Because I need to explain why I didn`t get my run today.

And talk really, really dirty instead. wanna *see* well?

Cop a load of this, then:

Eight fag packets, four soft drinks holders, and half a dozen cans. Just a small sample of what I saw along a pretty, half mile stretch of road somewhere in Shropshire this morning. Half a mile`s not far ! And there was other stuff...including a neatly knotted (hmmmm...) carrier bag full of more cans, and a bottle or two. Just too gruesome and jaggy to include in my haul.

So......just what made the 20 or so litter louts who deposited this stuff, think it was ok? How tough would it have been to do something take it home?

Too hard? OK...I`ve done it for you. And I hope I don`t have to do it again. Because I was supposed to be running...panting....breathing hard up the hill....(yeh, that was me, you know.....running...and....)

Oh forget it, I`ve got a headache now anyway. other news....I ran up the garden when I got home...and saw this. Much prettier. Happy Monday :)

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: Talkin' Dirty... Read this blog. Absolutely filthy. You can even do it on your hands and knees...

 well said .. hate litter it's just laziness not carrying it to a nearby bin :(”<< thankyou!

 Two words.. Link bait. Or is that one word? Hmm.

 I'm saving it for later as it may not be safe for work!

 You're very welcome. This one depressed me. I see similar on country walks. Hate it

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Comment by email from Nonny James: Great blog. I do enjoy reading things from people who write well. Just wanted to say that we take home rubbish from the beautiful Bromyard Downs. Usually cans and pizza boxes. Is it a generation thing? I was taught to take your rubbish home.

 (PS FROM JANE...find out more about Nonny...and what SHE

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