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I'm Jane McIntyre, a voiceover and writer, formerly an award-winning BBC radio newsreader and producer. My blog covers life, love and loss; travel, coffee and chocolate; with some heartfelt pieces in the mix about my late dad, who had dementia. Just a click away, I'm half of the team behind - two empty nesters who whizzed round the world in 57 days.

Saturday 9 February 2013

....and the winners are.........

....A couple of blogs ago, I was writing about the delights of having a sea view...and whether, if you had one.... you`d ever tire of it. I asked what kind of sights YOU could see from where you live or work--and what kind of view you`d like to have. And I promised a chocolatey prize from the amazing Shropshire chocolatier Julia Wenlock (@tootsweetsshrew) for the winner.

Well there was a fabulous response--so thankyou!

And because I`m so chuffed that you took the time and trouble to send pics, I`ve decided to award two main prizes instead of one...and a sweet treat from Julia`s shop for everyone whose picture appears on the blog.

So...a box of freshly made chocolates to Nita, for her beach views of Pwhelli (and the view in her room of Livia doing *yoga*), and another box of freshly made chocs to Kerry of Shropshire, for her views of beaches in Wales and Cornwall, and her favourite view of all, little Luke.

And for the `runners up` chocolatey thankyous : to Mike in Folkestone, Judy in Warwickshire, Alec Dyche (man on the move), Roy W (man hearing moooos), Tracey the HoboFlorist from Oswestry, Cathy Brown with her view from a London office, Scott from Scott`s Snack Shack in Shrewsbury, and for sheer impudence, Mr Ian Perry for *his* shot of the Sydney harbour bridge, which fooled nobody, but made me laugh.

I`ll pop the prizes in the post on Monday--so if your name appears above, please email me your address.

And thanks so much for taking part!

ps. Julia Wenlock`s shop can be found at Shrewsbury Market Hall. I defy you to pop in and not buy something!!


  1. Until they arrive, I will be found lying on the mat, under the letter box, open-mouthed. After that, don't even Try to look for me. Thank you ladies. Xxx

    1. Patience is a virtue. I`m sure you`ll enjoy them when they reach you. Sorry it can`t be FedEx ;)

    2. My Great Aunt's name was Virtue. No kidding. No, she wasn't patient either :-)