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Friday, 14 June 2013

My now *award-winning* Aberdovey blog!

Aberdovey: Cheese on toast and a taste of summer
To be honest, no one was keen on going to the beach. It was freezing, for a start. And between us, we had homework, a hangover, and housework to contend with.

We decided in the end that we could all die, waiting for the weather to change. Sea air would be good for us. And so, twenty minutes later, car crammed with wellies, scarves, shades, gloves and suncream--you never know--we were on our way to Aberdovey--our closest slice of the seaside.

It was sunny and bright when we got there. Chilly. But chilled. This is a classy coastal resort; limbering up for later.

On one side of the car park, there`s the elegant stretch of tall, terraced houses; pastel painted in their Sunday best, linked like a chain of paper dolls. Some offer B and B; others, hot cups of tea, fish and chips, gifts, and postcards.

Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, they shield from the elements, the jumble of smaller, former fishermen`s cottages behind them. These are prettier in their way, but overshadowed today by the bright sparkle of seafront windows winking back at us; three or four storeys high, all boasting a sea view.

Today, some are still hibernating, snuggling inside for a week or so more. We explored. There was a sale on at Fat Face, and a warm welcome across the road at the brilliant Simba Jones gift and housewares shop.
Round the corner and back on the sea front we settled at a scrubbed wooden table at Y Bwtri Blasus and ordered Welsh cheddar on toast with bacon and onion, and hot coffee...and milkshakes, plus a bag of rocky road to keep us going on our brisk walk along the beach.

The wind whipped around us, but we bowed our heads against it and warmed up as we walked...laughing, talking, gazing out to sea. We took photographs, paddled, screamed with laughter at Alice`s boot-leak, then stood, and looked back at the pastel terraces along the sea front. Mum and two daughters; reminiscing about Balamory.

There`ll be days, not too far away, when Aberdovey`s sunny. Scorching. And noisy. Squealing children; bat on ball; dads roaring;, scoring runs. Happy, happy dogs, bounding along the beach; splashing in the sea, shaking salty droplets over everyone. But today, Aberdovey`s biding its time; waiting for the weather, knowing it has treats to share.

We shook the sand from our wellies, licked the salty air on our lips and smiled. The wind might have been as fierce as a face slap. But today...we`d tasted summer.

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Grand Prize

Michaela Fowler with her nostalgic and honest account of Blackpool:
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1st Runner-up

Jane McIntyre with her descriptive tale of a pre-summer trip to Aberdovey:
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2nd Runner-up

Annie Taylor with her sunny, vivid reveal of hometown Alcalá la Real:
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Readers’ Choice

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Liam McKenna with his somewhat sarcastic yet funny and well written ‘ode’ to Cheshunt:
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Aberdovey: Cheese on toast and a taste of summer

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