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Tuesday 4 September 2012

Naked New Yorker....

.....well this guy came close:

.....the nearly butt-naked cowboy. Strumming and strutting his stuff in Times Square. He really didn`t mind posing, either.

From the stars of Broadway shows to pavement performers, stall holders and smoothie bar staff (*Hey...welcome to Jamba*....!) seems like every New York City street`s a stage for somebody. And noisy with it.

For the big name stars in those multi million dollar productions, their shows are the culmination of months of rehearsals. They`re among the best in the world, but standing up there every night, they must feel almost as naked as the cowboy; baring their souls, sharing their skills and belting out musical numbers they hope their audiences will love.

They put themselves out there to be judged. But at least most of them have a cast and back up team around them for moral support.

How about if you`re showcasing your talents to the world alone? Letting passers by judge your you`re writing it?

That`s what Sarah Shaefer did  this week at The Drama Book Shop--an incredible New York store which does what it says on the sign. She was one of a series of playwrights who sat in the window for a couple of hours, hammering out her latest piece of work. And you could stand there in the street, watching her words pop up on a giant screen, as she wrote them.

Now that`s brave. I felt a bit guilty tapping on the glass and interrupting her flow to mime that I`d love to take her picture, but I did it anyway and she smiled back, she is:

So this blog...and a suitably muted, terribly British ripple of applause dedicated to Sarah, and to you, if you`re bold enough to bare your soul, your show, your boxers, your book, or your blog--to the world. Remember...even if they don`t tell you......someone, somewhere, is loving what you do.

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