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Saturday 9 June 2012

Act your age. Or don`t...

So there`s this piece in the paper today about why 26 is the time to start acting your age. And it offers, helpfully, a list of 50 `tell tale signs` that you`re all grown up.

Things like... having a mortgage. Writing a will. Knowing what an ISA is, and a tracker. Being able to bleed a radiator. Liking gift vouchers. Knowing how to change a tyre. Taking your make up off before you go to bed.

Apparently, you should be pretty grown up at 26, says the paper.

At that age, I certainly felt grown up. I had my own mortgage (is that a sign?), had been in love several times, had experienced joy, pain, grief, success and failure, could throw one hell of a party and survive the mother of all hangovers.

At 26, I could probably have  ticked off about 20 out of 50 of today`s `tell-tale signs` of being an adult.

How about today?

I`ve checked. It`s 23.This is a low score, *at my age*. This pleases me.

Some people who`ve `been round the block`, which in all honestly, I guess I have, would probably relish the thought of being able to tick off all fifty accomplishments. In fact, they`d be mortified ,at the age of lah di dah, if they couldn`t. But quite frankly, I have no intention, ever, of being able to complete the list.

I mean,OK,I`m glad I can cook an evening meal from scratch, and have been on several trips to the local tip. (These are signs of being grown up, y`see....) . I`m glad , too, that I  `have a view on politics` and `watch the news`, and also do a fair bit of recycling.

But enjoying trips to garden centres? Filing my post? Having a `best` crockery set? Get lost !

23 out of 50 is as good as it`s ever going to get. So I guess I`m never actually going to grow up.


And, for the record, I don`t intend, at any point in my life, to :

1) go grey
2) wear a beige anorak
3) wear any anorak
4) wear an anorak that resembles in any way the anorak that my partner happens to be wearing, and then *walk down the street together in them*
5) enter into a conversation about anoraks and trade names.
6) do the ironing
7) carry a spare shopping bag, `just in case`
8) stop having parties
9) stop leaping round the kitchen to `Play that funky music, white boy` or, indeed `Gimme Shelter`.
10) tell the truth, EVER, to ANYONE, about my *actual* age. This includes lying on official forms and in magazine surveys which ask you to  `tick the box to show which age range you`re in`.

Oh...and I won`t stop wearing red lippie, either.

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1 comment:

  1. I love the list of things not to do.
    I smiled at the matching coats one. As a john a friend of mine said he would never wear matching coats with his other half. then a year later got a job where she work, and yes, uniform had coats.

    as for the grey, I will go grey, but not gracefully. :D